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The Changing Tides Support Network

Here at Changing Tides, we believe that connecting with a community is an incredibly important part of recovery. Part of our treatment program is encouraging our clients to connect with others in a healthy way, building relationships which are supportive and healthy. As a holistic program we strive to treat the whole individual, and community is a crucial part of our experience in recovery.

Support Groups

Building a support network is one of the best things we can do for our recovery. Multiple studies have found that a peer support group are beneficial in the treatment of addiction and mental health disorders. As such, we offer our residents the opportunity to engage with other recovering individuals to build a network of loving support.

Whether this means twelve-step meetings or an alternative to 12 step recovery, we do our best to make sure each individual has the chance to engage with a community and build a new support network. As you get out and interact with fellow recovering addicts, you can build relationships that support you wellbeing and growth.


Building Community

Building community isn’t just about attending meetings or support groups. It’s important to also cultivate a community at home. Through house meetings, outdoor outings, and community activities, Changing Tides seeks to make a community in our homes. We live and grow as a family, and support one another in the sometimes difficult process of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

As you go through your journey of recovery with us, you will build friendships that last a lifetime. Unlike many of our relationships in using, we connect with each other on a much deeper level. Building community together allows everyone to be present for their fellow addicts, showing up with supportive care.

Alumni and Connection

Recovering with Changing Tides means you are part of our community always. Our program will help you through every phase of treatment, from detoxing off the drugs to building a new life. Our case managers help individuals build new lives sober, from returning to school or finding work to handling legal problems and rekindling hurt relationships.

As you move on from our treatment program, we are here to support you in your future growth. Changing Tides alumni stays connected with the team and individuals. This continuity of community can help you build a stable support network and create a strong foundation for you to move through life in a new way.

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