The decision to attend a drug or alcohol detox program is the very first step of the addiction treatment and recovery process. Detoxification centers provide medical stabilization which can then be followed with the treatment and rehabilitation at a addiction treatment center. Alcohol and other drug detoxification  programs provide the foundation for a full recovery from addiction.

Statistics show that people who attend a detox program prior to continuing residential treatment for drug or alcohol addiction are more likely to successfully recover and to maintain long term sobriety. Drug detoxification is a fundamental component to the recovery process. Detox centers provide a range of effective detoxification services to help transition from drug addiction to sobriety.

The methods

Drug and alcohol detox programs provide a safe place for medical professionals to eliminate drugs or alcohol from the body. The most common types of drug/alcohol detox include sub acute detox, medical detox, rapid detox, and natural detox.


Each of these types of detoxification programs differ in the way that withdrawal symptoms are handled. Some detox centers will provide medications to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal while others will only provide medical intervention when absolutely necessary.

The path to recovery and sober living begins with safely detoxing from drugs and alcohol. Quitting the use of drugs or alcohol can be dangerous and is not advisable to be taken on alone. Detox centers can help minimize and manage the symptoms.

Where to go?

Changing Tides Treatment Programs has recently obtained a residential detoxification license from the Department of Heath Care Services. Changing Tides detox program is a free standing sub-acute medically managed facility located on  a beautiful Southern California Beach in the county of Ventura. The program is in a amazing three story beach home with all the comforts of home and the professional staff that you would find in a hospital. Clients will be assessed and admitted based on the ASAM criteria for adult detoxification. They will then begin the process and be detoxed from all the toxins that have been keeping them sick.

Expert Medical Staff

Our Medical Doctors are specialist in the detoxification process. Using there pharmacological expertise they make our clients comfortable throughout the process. We specialize in detoxification from Alcohol, Opiates/Opioids, prescription pill, methamphetamine, cocaine, Xanax, benzodiazapines, and many other drugs of choice. Make the call today!  that next drink, snort, shot or pill may be your last. To the referents, we guarantee safe passage to our facility as well as safe passage back to your facility.  We do not accept kick backs nor do we pay for referrals so please do not ask. You may need the services of a skilled Interventionist to help get your loved one into treatment, if so click the link for free consultation.

Detox is the first step

Examples of some of the poison that the detoxification process will get rid of.

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