Our Staff

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    Dr. Deborah London M.D.
    Medical Consultant and Psychiatrist

    Dr. London is a Board Certified Psychiatrist who has been in private practice for over 26 years. Dr. London specializes in addiction treatment. Deborah spent most of her residency working at a 100 bed detoxification hospital where she learned the importance and the correct way to use medically assisted treatment. Besides being a judiciously skillful and up to date psycho-pharmacologist, she has extensive training and experience in psychotherapy. She demonstrates warm empathetic interpersonal skills in the creation of a therapeutic alliance while supporting clients growth in their capacity for self care and personal responsibility.
    To broaden and deepen her approaches, she has certification in several cutting edge treatment modalities including Inquiry Based Stress Reduction (The Work of Byron Katie), EMDR, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, and the Immunity To Change Process developed by Robert Kegan, PhD at Harvard. In 2009, Dr. London completed a 300 hour course in Medical Acupuncture through UCLA and uses the NADA protocol as an adjunct treatment for substance abuse and withdrawal. She has also advanced training in the use of Five Element Acupuncture.
    Dr. London educates on relaxation, neurofeedback, hypnosis, and Freeze Framer (heart rate variability). She has extensive knowledge and experienced in assisting people to taper off medications if and when it’s appropriate. She educates clients on sleep hygiene, exercise, diet and rational use of nutritional supplements to assist in treating mood and anxiety disorders. Dr. London makes it a point to stay abreast of new developments and to branch out into areas that would complement and strengthen her effectiveness in treatment.
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    Tipu V. Khan, M.D., FAAFP
    Medical Director of Detoxification Services

    Doctor Tipu is a board certified Family Physician and board eligible Addiction Specialist. As a primary care provider, he understands the complexity of addiction and how it interacts with all aspects of health. He completed an obstetrics fellowship and has a special interest in addiction during pregnancy and is the county’s only pregnancy addiction specialist. He firmly believes in the science of addiction and in treating the whole person rather than simply medicating and thus truly believes in the full spectrum care Changing Tides offers. He is on numerous addiction leadership committees in the county and state. Doctor Tipu is an Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine and core faculty at the prestigious Ventura County Medical Center Family Medicine Residency Training Program where he is training the next generation of doctors in full spectrum primary care and addiction.
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    Anne Johnson, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist(LMFT)
    Clinical Director

    Anne received her Bachelors of Arts Degree from San Diego State University in 2004. She then went to California Lutheran University and received her Masters of Clinical Psychology and Counseling Psychology with a specialization in the recovery model, addiction treatment and family mediation.
    Anne is a passionate and hard working clinician who believes in empowering clients and meeting them where they are. Working with clients from different ethnicity’s, socioeconomic status, and age groups, she is focused on goal setting, increasing utilization of healthy coping skills, and creating a more authentic experience. Anne utilizes mindfulness techniques, psycho-educational tools, Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, and homework assignments to foster insight.
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    Dr. Al Bright, P.H.D, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist(LMFT)

    Al is a graduate of California State University and International College with an M.A. in Experimental Psychology and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. In addition to his counseling commitments, he has a broad range of experience supporting people’s other needs, including over 10 years as an Instructor at ITT Tech University, Oxnard and currently as a pianist/entertainer and support group leader for various, local Assisted Senior Living facilities.
    He has been a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT 11638) since 1985 currently in private practice in Ventura County.
    He specializes in Men’s issues, including addiction, PTSD, gender identity, self-esteem, and the challenges of communicating intimately in relationships. Trained in Transactional Analysis combined with Gestalt therapy and CBT, he is particularly attuned to both the tender and tough parts of the personality that are so often out of awareness, as well as the Child part of us all that yearns to be successfully self-guided through adulthood.
    Depending on suitability, he also uses various body therapy techniques such as Reichian Therapy, Lowen’s Bioenergetics, and Polarity therapies to assist clients in bringing painful and repressed memory into the light of awareness and integration.
    He is currently engaged in increasing his clinical tool chest by studying, hypnosis,EMDR and other Energy Psychology modalities. At the core of his practice he feels privileged to serve diverse people struggling to improve their lives.
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    Yoga/Meditation Therapist

    Mariah discovered her first yoga class over 20 years ago as a teenager and enjoyed the body, mind, spirit wholeness it brought into her life, and felt a spiritual and healing energy when moving her body. After a back injury in 1997, which caused her constant chronic pain, Mariah decided it was time for change and made health and wellness her profession and passion. She received her first certification as a fitness trainer in 2004, and has gone on to receive training and certifications in Body Work, Massage Therapy, Oriental Studies, Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting and Crossfit, NIA, Yoga Teacher (RYT), Prana Flow, and Prison Yoga.

    Mariah found that Yoga incorporates all of what she’s most passionate about, growing spiritually, helping others, and taking care of our body and mind so that we can live a long and energetic life. She is excited and dedicated in sharing the joy she has found in life, and in yoga with others. Mariah has spent many years on a path of healing, and has incorporated the 12 step program into her life for over 20 years. As she continues to grow, she is grateful to her teachers, spiritual advisors, mentors, family and friends. She is determined to always remain a student and continue to learn from those around her and the teacher that lies within.

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    LouAnn “Lou” Thomas
    Executive Assistant

    Lou received her BA in business administration from Doane University in 1986. She received an Associate Degree in para-legalism in 1991 and a culinary certificate in 1999.
    After 10 years working as a chef and 5 years as an executive pastry chef, Lou decided to leave the culinary world behind to begin a new adventure at Changing Tides. Being in recovery herself, Lou is pleased to be working for a center dedicated to helping others achieve sobriety and get their lives back on track.
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    Stephanie Dains
    Director Of Clinical Outreach Client Advocate
    Stephanie Dains joined the Changing Tides Treatment team early in 2016. She comes from a client relations background, previously working for large corporations, including Move Inc., also known as Realtor.com and Citicorp. She now brings her client relations expertise to Changing Tides Treatment. Through her own personal journey of recovery, Stephanie discovered her true calling and has now devoted her professional career to helping other individuals on their path of recovery. She is passionate about the treatment process and committed to helping others.

    In addition, she is completing her coursework in Addiction Disorder Studies and will soon be a State Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor specializing in addiction treatment.
    During her time away from Changing Tides, Stephanie stays busy with her three children and enjoys spending time with her family. Her hobbies include: the beach, paddle boarding and Cross Fit.
    Stephanie is excited to be a part of a team who strive to transform struggling lives into ones which are hopeful, healthy and fulfilling.

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    Berkeley Dains CATC III, CIP, BS

    Berkeley Dains (The Detox Guy) is a California State Certified, Level 3 Addiction Treatment Counselor (CATC III), a nationally Certified Mental Health and Addictions Interventionist (CIP) and holds a BS in Psychology. He is a current student in the Amen Clinic’s Masters Healthy Brain Program where he is learning about the neuro- biological  effects of addiction on the brain and how to reverse those effects by implementing targeted treatments designed specifically to treat the deficiencies caused by traumatic brain injury and drug dependence. These treatment plans are developed by an extensive assessment and if need be, by having a SPECT brain scan done. He says, “it just makes since, we are dealing with a chronic brain disorder so treat it as such”. Berkeley has been professionally trained in several models of Intervention, including the scientifically proven Arise model. He has been in private practice for 5-years and has successfully performed hundreds of Interventions and long-term sober coaching engagements nationwide.
    In addition to his private practice, Berkeley Dains Addiction Interventions, Berkeley is also the founder and Executive Director of Hollywood Beach Recovery  located in Ventura county, CA and Changing Tides Treatment Center, two staples in the recovery community of Ventura, CA.
    Being in long-term recovery himself, from heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and alcohol (just to name a few). He was dual diagnosed with Bipolar 1 and severe poly-substance dependence 15 years ago and was heavily medicated for some time, until he got clean and sober and the symptoms started reverse, he asked to be taken off the medications and his mental health issues started to heal. Today he does not even take aspirin and has opened Changing Tides specifically to treat dual diagnosis clients.  Berkeley’s own road to recovery, combined with his clinical experience and education, has the ability to meet clients where they are, with empathy and understanding. With this combined knowledge, Berkeley is uniquely positioned to help others and help lead them out of the vicious cycle of addiction. Berkeley knows how to help people get clean and sober and to show each patient that positive change is possible; so that those struggling can live a life of restoration, purpose, dignity and respect.