Holistic Addiction Treatment

Holistic Addiction Treatment

Here at Changing Tides, we have found the holistic model to be most successful with our residents. Holistic rehab centers are becoming increasingly popular, and its for a good reason: it often works where other treatment models don’t. Of course, each individual has a different set of experiences, difficulties, and needs. No single thing works for absolutely everyone. However, holistic addiction treatment programs may be able to help where other programs fall short.

What is a Holistic Treatment Approach?

A holistic rehab center is one that looks at the entirety of the person’s life and experience. Rather than just removing the substances from the individual and providing therapy, this model seeks to look at other factors in the person’s life. Of course removing the drugs from the system is necessary, as is the therapy received both one-on-one and in groups. Holistic rehab centers don’t stop there. They incorporate many different practices and offerings that may help address issues in new ways.

A holistic alcohol rehab or drug rehab often includes some focus on nutrition, exercise, spirituality and/or meditation, activities and fun, and social services such as resume building, training in life skills, and building community. These extra offerings can help a recovering addict in ways that therapy and physical sobriety sometimes don’t. The goal of a treatment center is to get the individual back on their feet so that they may create a new life for themselves clean and sober. With a holistic addiction treatment program, the person is offered the tools to truly address the underlying issues, find a way to meet their needs, and build a new, sober life for themselves.

Why Holistic Drug Treatment?

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Holistic addiction recovery is just one model of recovery. Here at Changing Tides Addiction Treatment, we have chosen to offer our clients the holistic model simply because we have found it to work. By offering many different treatment options, each person that comes through our doors and stays with us is able to find some piece of the puzzle with which they truly resonate. Some people jump in with meditation, while others may take up exercise and nutrition. The point of holistic programs is that the person is being treated as a whole, not just one aspect of their being. By looking at all of the places in which we can grow, we often find the places that need our attention and care the most.

Getting sober is not easy. It takes a lot of work, support, and growth. We have seen people do a lot of work to get to the underlying issues beneath their addiction, but find themselves unable to build a new life for themselves. With a holistic drug rehab program, that person can have a new opportunity to look at different aspects of their lives. Through nutritional counseling, exercise, meditation, and help moving forward with work or school, a struggling addict can work to build a strong foundation for a lasting recovery.

Holistic Detox

Changing Tides Treatment offers a holistic drug detox program. Rather than going through the withdrawal process in a hospital, we will help treat the whole “you.” Our team will work with you to find the best method of coming off drugs and alcohol. With our experienced staff your pain will be minimized and your needs will be taken care of. Our holistic drug detox and treatment center will help you build a strong foundation for the rest of your life. We take pride in keeping up with the most recent in addiction treatment methods, offering the latest holistic detox methods to help each person that comes through our doors find a life of recovery and health.

Changing Tides Holistic Rehab Center

Here at Changing Tides Addiction Treatment, we offer a holistic detox center, holistic alcohol treatment, holistic drug treatment, and holistic outpatient and sober living options. We have a full continuum of care built around the idea that a person needs be treated as a whole person. We won’t ignore pieces of your life and experience; our experienced and compassionate staff and clinical team will meet you where you are, addressing your individual needs. For us, this is an important part of holistic addiction recovery: to meet each resident and their specific needs.
If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help! You may use the contact form below or call us directly!

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